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Tired of the Trash Talk

I’m sharing this link from a post by The Washington Post just to show how demeaning, belittling and name calling have become not only an admissible form, but an acceptable, even preferred method of communicating ideas and opinions. This story on Stormy Daniel’s posted yesterday by The Washington Post. I expressed my lack of interest and concern in the comment section, and, boy, did I ever regret it! I was labeled an uneducated idiot, gullible trailer trash, and asked if God had told me to vote for Trump, and whether or not God had a deep voice. I replied to several belligerent liberals at length, trying to qualify myself and my educational degree. I wanted to upload a picture of my home, as well but managed to refrain. At one point I was accused of being facetious. However, one gentleman dispelled that myth when he commented that he had looked at my fb profile and, “Oh, my God, she’s not kidding!” I would love to know what it is that is so unbelievable about my views. Could it be that I am out of touch with reality because I believe that God sent his son to die for all, and he forgives us, as well as our President for inappropriate actions, behaviors and relationships? Or that Trump may have a good heart and may possibly have a desire to be a good leader? Or that he has actually achieved a few positive results in The White House? Or is it because I value the first and second amendments? Perhaps it is due to my strong opposition to the influx of drugs and sex trafficking into our country or my position that in all aspects of government, any decisions should be made with consideration of the American people first. Hopefully these people were not opposed to my stance against government corruption. I also envision a smaller federal government which allows the public of each state to choose how to govern and to regulate corporations in its domain. I fail to see the incredibility of my perspective. I welcome any thoughts or comments on these topics. I am not infallible, and am always open to other ideas. That is generally the case with someone who claims to be tolerant and inclusive. In all manner of speaking, I do strive present my position with respect for everyone, no matter how unbalanced or unhinged I may deem them to be.

Coming Soon: What’s wrong with the, “If you’re not doing anything wrong then your privacy shouldn’t matter” argument.